About Us

About Us

What sets us apart from the competition?

Since 1978, Great Brook Solar has led the way in providing sustainable clean energy sources for homeowners in New York state through innovative new solar power technology. There’s no wonder why we’ve achieved the “Gold Standard” for PhotoVoltaic and Solar Thermal Installation Certification as NABCEP Certified Installers. Owner Dave Austin has worked as a pioneer in an industry he lives by. Outside of owning a solar-powered Prius, Dave continues to power his own household with solar power panels that have been working reliably for more than 35 years.

What sets us apart from other competitors is that Great Brook Solar is a business that honors sustainability of the long-lasting solar panel systems we install, as well as fostering long-term relationships with the customers we service. Our full-time staff works closely with you through each step of the solar power system installation process, completing all paperwork, so you don’t have to. What’s more is how affordable we make this technology through solar power panel financing options.

Our solar panel financing options are different from other types of financing, such as financing or leasing a car. This is because solar panels are an income-producing asset that literally pays itself off, unlike your utility company. For well qualified customers, it is possible to finance or lease a PV system at a rate less than you now pay your power company. If you can afford your electric bill, you can afford Solar Panels.

We are different from other solar installation companies.

  • Our primary focus is two-fold. It is to make a difference and help restore the environment, and to help our customers save money on their energy bills. Our team cares about the environment and about our customer’s wants, needs and desires.
  • We treat your property with respect, as if it were our own.
  • We use our experience, knowledge and many products to solve unique problems.
  • We use top-quality products and top-quality workmanship, paying attention to the details that make for a long-lasting system.
  • We use top-quality Quick Mount roof flashing that won’t violate the warranty of your roof.
  • We have a 10-year PhotoVoltaic (solar electric) system warranty.
  • We do not use high-pressure sales tactics. Instead, we listen to your needs, concerns and answer your questions. We lead you through the process step by step and make it easy.
  • We take care of all the details with permitting and approvals.

Our Mission

Our mission as a company is not only to help people save money and raise their standard of living through the use of renewable energy, but to provide them with a measure of freedom from dependence on centralized energy distribution. As an integral part of reducing energy dependence, our mission is to help people who want to hear it, realize the spiritual nature of our existence and see the grander scheme of things our daily lives' often make us blind to. Helping people become more aware of our energy usage patterns and how to be more energy-conservative is one step in the direction toward fulfilling a purpose given to the human race to tend the “Garden of Eden” in a responsible and respectful manner instead of plundering it.



Great Brook Solar NRG LLC, originally Great Brook Enterprises, was established in June of 1978 for the purpose of providing alternatives to “conventional” energy sources that have been growing more expensive and unstable in terms of availability. Founder and pioneer David M. Austin recognized the energy crisis of the 1970s, not as a disaster, but as a wake up call and an opportunity to help create a better world for the future. At this time, the solar energy industry was in a revival infancy. Its first infancy being in the 1920s and 30s with solar hot water systems in Florida and California. Mr. Austin decided it was the time to jump in on the ground floor to grow with the industry.

Solar energy is the primary source of all energy on earth. It is the energy source that grows plants and produces our food. Without it, we would surely die! It was stored via past plant and animal growth in the form of fossil fuels. If prevailing theory is correct that the planets spun off from the sun, then all things on and in the earth came from the sun.

“Why do we have to use up all the stored solar energy in the earth using tremendous amounts of energy in the extraction process, when it is possible to use solar energy more directly and efficiently for so many applications? We should be saving the stored solar energy for applications more practical for its use in terms of the whole big “earth system” picture, instead of just the short-term monetary “bottom line”. For what difference does it make if we gain the whole world in the short term, just to use it up and burn it out rendering it useless for the future?”
~ David M. Austin, Founder of Great Brook Solar NRG

Mr. Austin went about not only looking for answers but putting into motion the obvious solution, make solar energy collection equipment and its professional installation available directly to the people. In the process, Mr. Austin discovered there is a certain philosophy and spiritual nature that is integrated into the use of renewable energies. He has since set about to subtly show this to others interested in it.