NY Solar Incentives

Are you aware of the many great NY solar incentives that are available to you through investing in our solar powered technologies? Financial tax credit incentives from both the Federal government and New York State have been extended through 2019 and will taper down after that.

Federal Income Tax Credits

30% of the cost after any State incentives, rebates or grants can be taken off of your Federal Income tax.*

The 30% Federal Income Tax Credit for solar power will taper down after the end of 2019. It offers you great tax incentives through utilizing solar power technologies for both residential and commercial projects. There is now no upper limit on residential or commercial solar systems. The credit is currently due to taper down after December 31st, 2019. So don’t wait. Want to know more about these great tax incentives? Check out www.dsireusa.org for the latest information.

New York State Incentive Program

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) offers a NY solar incentives program to help pay for grid tied solar power (PV) systems. The NYSERDA incentive program has been extended through the end of December 2023. However, The incentive amount declines periodically. Want to know more about this great NY solar incentive? Check http://ny-sun.ny.gov for more details. NYSERDA just raised the upper system size limits. So now you can get NYSERDA incentive on larger systems. The level of potential incentive benefit is subject to change without notice (the current rate is $0.40 per watt), This incentive is reducing all the time so don’t wait to schedule your site survey. This process takes time and functions on a first come, first served basis.

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Low Interest Loans

Green Jobs Green New York now offers loans as low as 3.49% for residential solar systems. See how Great Brook Solar can help you obtain this easy financing.

New York State Personal Income Tax Credit

25% of an eligible solar energy system cost up to $5000 can be taken directly off your personal State income tax

New York State has a personal Income Tax Credit for solar power systems. This is a credit not a deduction. It directly reduces your tax. This is one more way New York State helps you go solar reducing your energy costs while helping the environment.

*Note: Great Brook Solar NRG, LLC are not tax advisers. We cannot obtain income tax credits for our customers. Please consult with your tax adviser to see whether you are eligible for any Federal and NY solar tax credit incentive. You will be able to learn more about how your investment in solar powered technologies can be a tax shelter! Note these are tax credits not deductions. They directly reduce your tax.

New York Property Tax & Sales Tax

In addition, New York State has a property tax exemption where your property cannot have its assessment raised because you installed a solar power system (please note: a few towns opted out of this exemption). New York also has a sales tax exemption for residential installed solar systems and now commercial installed solar systems as well.
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