Low Interest Financing now available

Are you interested in investing in solar powered technologies, but worried about how you would ever pay for it? The answer is you no longer have to be concerned. New York State has introduced a low-interest ( as low as 3.49%) loan program for solar systems through the Green Jobs Green New York Program. Great Brook Solar NRG has been approved to help you obtain this low-rate financing. It’s time to learn how our solar financing can work for you! We have other financing options to meet your needs as well. We currently offer financing by SunGage Financial. Most financing is web-based and easy to sign up.

Why Consider Financing Through Our Solar Financing Program?

Unlike financing a car, which immediately begins to depreciate the moment you start driving it, solar technologies, solar panels and geothermal heat pump systems pay for themselves with the energy they produce and save, but they also work to earn you tax-free money. Our solar financing program provides you with quick and easy access to solar power. We can design a solar power product specific to your needs and include the installation and even web-based monitoring so you can have a worry free system. Solar financing offers a new way to go solar without the pain of worrying if you have enough money to pay it off. A solar system frees up money you no longer pay to your utility company, which you use to pay off the loan instead. So, if you can afford your electric bill you can afford to go solar. Think about it. You are leasing your energy from the power company. Why not buy your energy from the sun instead at a guaranteed and locked-in lower rate? Why continue throwing away your money to an antiquated power company and infrastructure when you can be investing that same money toward a sustainable future for yourself and the planet. At the end of the financing term, you own a system that continues to produce free power for many years.

Prefer To Own vs. Lease from our competition?

No Problem.

Why lease and never own the system. With leasing, you pay more and get less. We have traditional financing as well as low interest financing. The price of solar photovoltaic panels is lower than ever before. So, now is the best time to purchase a solar powered system to run your household, and let our solar financing programs work for you. Worried about what happens if something goes wrong? No problem. All our solar power systems have web based monitoring options. Did you know that you can now net meter MicroHydro systems in New York? Worried about cost? Consider for instance the solar water heater, which can be installed for you for about $8,500 to $10,800 for a family of four (before tax credits and incentives). This technology will save you about 60% of your hot water bills. Between utility savings and net metering, your solar system will be paying for itself, Quite literally.

Want to Reduce Energy Costs On Your Commercial Property?

Did you know commercial (non-residential) net metering is now available throughout New York State? If you already have a system that was formerly disallowed for Net Metering then you should be able to negotiate with your power company to allow you to net meter your system. With so many different solar financing options to choose from, there’s no reason not to contact us today to see how we can help you access the clean energy technologies with our solar financing. We have a solar financing program that will meet your individual needs. In fact, as long as you have a good solar site and pay income taxes or have them withheld from you paycheck , you can’t afford NOT to go solar.

Contact Great Brook Solar today for a solar financing program that will meet your individual needs.