Solar Systems Installations

Solar Systems Installations

How You Install Solar Panels Makes a Difference

A well-trained, knowledgeable solar systems installations expert will be able to install your PV solar panels for long-term results and maximum output. There are a variety of solar panel systems to choose from that will give you the energy production you need and fit the installation space. Our staff of solar systems installation experts will consult with you on what type of system would work best for your property, and provide the optimal way to install it while preserving your property and maintaining visual appeal.

Proper solar systems installations not only create power, but save you money on energy bills and increase the value of your home. Solar provides an affordable and dependable electric power solution that requires no fuel and has no moving parts, which reduces operation and maintenance costs compared to other systems.

Photovoltaic Solar Systems Installations

The most common way to harness power from the sun is through Photovoltaic (PV) solar system installations. These PV solar cells provide an efficient method of converting sunlight into electricity. Mostly made from silicon, individual PV solar cells are installed as solar panels (with about 40 solar cells per panel) and a system of panels is called a solar array. To power the average size home requires 10-20 panels and each 150 watt panel produces on average 1 kWh/m²/day, depending on the weather and latitude of the location.

Combination Solar Systems Installations

Did you know Photovoltaic Solar systems can be combined with other renewable power systems such as wind and micro hydro? We also can connect these systems during solar systems installations to geothermal heat pumps, solar heating and/or hot water to create a geosolar system, maximizing the potential of your natural energy resources. Great Brook Solar can consult with you on your property’s natural resource availability and determine what other so renewable technology can be implemented to fulfill your energy needs.

Simplicity means lower cost. Lower cost means higher return on the investment or faster payback. Talk to us about what combination of solar systems would be right for you and we will keep it simple. Our combination solar systems installations allow for us to utilize a variety of renewable resources that all can benefit your bottom line. The following are systems we install in addition to Photovoltaic Solar Systems.

Solar Hot Water Installations:

Great Brook Solar provides high quality solar systems installations that are built to last. We offer the latest technology, like the drain back system or the SunMaxx evacuated tube collector systems, these are the most highly efficient systems that employ the principal of a vacuum being a perfect insulator. Much like tucking your solar absorber inside of a thermos bottle, our systems produce an effective, long-lasting energy supply through utilizing a “heat pipe,” a form of passive heat pump for collecting sun rays and transferring it into a heat exchanger and ultimately a water heater tank. Partial space-heating options are also available. Freeze protection is accomplished by simply allowing the water in the collector to drain back into the solar heat storage tank, avoiding expensive antifreeze that may overheat in summer. If the system reaches maximum temperature, it simply shuts down and drains.

Geothermal Systems Installations

Our geothermal systems installations are best suited for the new construction of a property, but can be retrofitted to existing homes if modifications can be made to the existing heating system. Consider that sometimes the complete replacement of your property’s existing heating system might be required. Our Geothermal solar systems installations require the following considerations: a well-insulated home with Low E glass windows, sealed, insulated and over-sized ducts are essential to maintain system efficiency and comfort, homes where air leakage has been mitigated and at least one acre of land is available for using Horizontal loops or space for drilling vertical wells. Combining geothermal with a photovoltaic solar systems installations can provide heating and cooling for your home throughout the year, with minimal need for conventional utilities.

Hydroelectric Systems Installations

Solar systems installations combining solar panel systems and Hydroelectric systems are surprisingly simple. Much of the solar systems installations can be done using a DYI process, with the electrical connections installed by a professional. All of the electrical components of the system are the same as with wind or solar electric system, which the only difference being the Hydroelectric turbine and generator unit. Even if you’ve never installed an independent power system, simple free conservation can save you a lot of money on the solar systems installations we provide. Have answers to the following questions below if you are interested in hydroelectric power:

Questions about your property for Hydroelectric installation:

Questions about your property for Hydroelectric installation:

1. The head (elevation height difference between the proposed pipe inlet and outlet) or the measured pressure.
2. The flow rate of the water in gallons per minute, or liters per minute.
3. The proposed pipe length along the ground from top to turbine location at the bottom.
4. The distance between the turbine location and the house or building where the power is to be used.
5. Do you already have a dam on the site?

We provide free information to help you decide which solar systems installations are best for your needs and property. The first e-mail consultation is FREE, so let us know a little about your solar systems installations project first.

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