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Client Reviews

I’ve enjoyed witnessing the installment of the solar equipment. Your crew are TERRIFIC WORKERS – good team members, enthusiastic, and capable. I enjoyed their humor and congeniality. On June 11th, the solar system was begun. The next week, it was completed and tested. My decision to have solar panels installed rode on the mounting concerns over climate change, the falling prices of photovoltaic panels, and the low interest rates for savings accounts. I finally felt ready to spend money on putting my environmental ideals tangibly on my roof. I should have done this years ago. Monetarily, and for soul-satisfaction, I feel well rewarded for my investment. Thank You

August 2012 by Susanne -Hamilton, NY

Great Brook solar is a pioneer in the field of solar installation in this state, having been in business since 1978, which is a long time for a small organization. Their web site states somewhere that 97% of their customers would recommend/work with them again, and I am one of those. They did the first standby garage roof installation for me in 2004. They are a competent, honest, and hard working group. The process mechanics of acquiring/installing these systems from and administrative standpoint in connection with forms, approvals, and such is daunting if you have not done it before. They do it all, including the forms, inspectors, utility contacts liaison, etc. They make it a seamless process, which is impressive, and great not to be fooling around with paperwork, contacts, etc. Their experience shows, and they do what and when they say they will do something. Their system proposals are crisp and detailed in a logical and understandable way. This probably sounds like an over recommendation, but they deserve and have earned it. In case you decide to consider a solar system, GBS should be on your candidate list.

November 2012 by Walter – Adirondack Park, NY

I have made it my philosophy since my early 20’s to let people know when they are exceptionally good or exceptionally bad. I have never given an A plus to anybody, by the way. My thoughts are there is always room to improve. When I called Great Brook Solar I was very unsure of whether or not I was wasting your time and mine. I had the good fortune of talking with Debbie who was pleasant, patient, enthusiastic and she put me right at ease. She was a treat to work with and certainly a good entry point to your company. The next person we got to meet was you. You were so knowledgeable and committed to what you do. You impressed Murphy and I very much. You gave us information, options and put no pressure on to make a quick decision. We were confident in what you told us and once we made the decision and let you know the project really needed to be completed this year for tax purposes, you and your company made sure it was done. I was amazed when the system was being installed in about 4 weeks. That brings me to your crew. They are exceptional. We adopted them. They were very polite and respectful of us and our property. They told us to let them know if anything they were doing bothered us. When it came to details on the installation they advised us but let us make the decisions. We followed their advice and are extremely pleased with the outcome. These guys worked hard and they got along so well together. They were a treat to have around. Hopefully we can have them back to do geothermal. Thanks for your expertise and the great people who work for you. Great Brook Solar gets an A plus in our book. Thanks to all of you for making this such a good experience.

November 2012 by Doug and Cathy -Mayfield, NY

We had our Solar System installed by Great Brook Solar in 2011. Every Aspect of the system has worked as advertised, having been installed by experts in the field. We believe Great Brook Solar can be characterized by the three P’s – POLITE, PERSONABLE and PROFESSIONAL. We recommend them to anyone interested in solar energy.

July 2012 by Don & Carol- Cassville, NY