Warranty & Support

Our 10 Year Warranty

At Great Brook Solar (GBS), we offer warranty and support policies that are directed to fostering life-long relationships with our customers, new and old. Our warranty and support policies guarantee to the original purchaser and to any subsequent owner of the solar powered systems we install and supply to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance for a period of five years. During the next five years (years six through 10), the warranty and support is limited to replacement of materials at no extra cost.

Wondering how our warranty works?

For example, a photovoltaic system typically includes as components: photovoltaic (PV) modules, mounting racks, inverters, interconnecting wires and metering equipment. In the case of systems intended for backup power during utility outages charge controller and batteries are also components.

  • During the first five years of this warranty and support, GBS warrants that the System and its components against breakdown or degradation in electrical output of more than ten percent from their original rated electrical output.
  • System components are also warranted by the manufactures and/or suppliers.
  • Manufacturers generally warrant and support batteries for no more than two years and up to seven years on a pro-rated basis.

Under these warranties, Great Brook Solar (GBS) shall, within a reasonable time, at no cost to the owner for parts or labor, adjust (if sufficient to resolve the problem) repair, or at its options, replace a System or any component thereof, found to be defective during the first five years after the date the system is completed. During years six through 10, GBS reserves the right to charge for labor, but materials found to be defective would be replaced at no additional cost to the purchaser.

Our warranty and support policies shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages including, but not limited to damage to property or loss resulting from use or nonuse of a system or cause by any defect, failure or malfunction of the system.

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